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Christina, my OC

female 40+

a Private teacher and a helper

you might say being a wife from a judge not a good idea.

But it's unfit to use on her

what she have to do it's just teach her daughter Jet,and being a good wife  

Johnny will take all of the rest.he love too! 

She didn't mind much about it, after all and he did very well of course.

It's nothing much to worry about

With Multi sustainable income 

even he stopped working now nothing will affect his life a bet

 Johnny it's very humble and respect to everyone .

He have a very open mind.

So he could learn a lot of things even business.

Money doesn't make anyone rich but with multiple kinds of income this  totally different.

This teach By Alfred Burke. A very successful blate Smith and businessmen

His Dear Old Friend since many years ago although they have years never contact.

He never forgets this friend

Christina never seen this man before, there should be nothing to be secret but will be my pleasure to meet this man

Bella my OC
40+ female
a doctor 
Alfred Burke's wife 
she is very nice and mam 

having two totally different personality Sons, it's quite fun to deal with.

never get mad

Energy flow and Acupuncture are her best.

Lost in one of her son in the herrible accident.

Still, in-pack her until now. she wasn't believing her son was being kidnapped

Instead, she strongly believes her son had died a few years ago.

still hoping to see his son alive.

After all, nothing is 100 %,

they are voice accusing her son is an emissary of a demon.

that's why some cats fear terribly when she look at them eye-to-eye.

try to bring her to the court and burn her to death.

But in front of the eye of Johnny, those men are totally crazy 

At last, those men were caught for other reasons。 somehow those men all got a terrible death soon 。
maybe someone was watching out there。

She and her family are safe now。

Maybe, just maybe my son is looking at me at heaven。

That's why whatever I face, I will be strong enough。

Johnny ,my OC

40 + male

He is a judge, who deal with lots of cases.

His mind is so clear and he is very well on processing very small details.

If you try to lie he almost could catch you in immediately

Good Graeff, you're not going anywhere …

Not until the truth came out. He is criminals most feared,

he could spend hours even days to deal with you

just good luck

have a wife  

Christina and  20-year-old daughter Jet 

although johnny makes most of the decisions in a daily life.
he put his family in the first place, love and respect them.

do have some arguments sometimes,
and every time you make them closer.
love is unbreakable Bond hold them tightly together

He seems to take every detail very seriously. 
he is a loving daddy and careful evern cute!

He never pushes his daughter to do anything, knowing that Talent of dancing he fully support her daughter to become a dancer.

No One Believes this until they see his  daughter and him together 

he is the neighbourhood of 
Alfred Burke together in their childhood, he learns a lot of things form him.
Alfred Burke on does very well on making knife and business. he wasn't interested in those but still inspiring him a lot
they haven't  him contact years and  wish to meet his old friend again and have a beer

1) Are their any new art skills you hope to learn in the future?
a lot , can't tell in short
2) Are you good at any sport? (Or do you wish you were?)
table tennis,I learned more than 14 sports! 

3) Cake or pie.  YOU MUST CHOOSE!
chocolate cake! PS
4) About how many hours a week do you do creative work?
 unstable,it depends how many times do i have.
now is my school holidays and I write my story more than 11,000 word in two days XD
5) Do you still have your childhood drawings saved?
 a bit

6) Have you ever owned a "Marry Sue" oc?
i don't know what is this, tell me and i will reply you soon.
7) If you got the chance to instantly create a video game you imagine, what kind of game would you make?
action game?
8) Would you like to go to space?
9) Do you ever play with toys?  (Even just for a moment?)
yes i ,do
10) What was the first video game you played?
11) Tell me something impressive you've accomplished.
note me, if you really want to know.
12) Ever walked outside in your pajamas?(Did you do it on purpose?)
nop ,
13) Would you like to share a Coke?
why not?




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